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A new type of chain bucket unloader (train unloading machine) instead of excavators and manual unloading to improve efficiency, also replaces expensive wagon tippler to reduce costs.
A new wagon cleaning equipment that eliminates the need for manual cleaning of residual materials. It can be used with automatic equipment such as wagon tipplers and wagon unloaders to fully automate your bulk cargo unloading.

Chain bucket unloader
Let's improve your efficiency
Strong Capacity

Equipped with multiple plasma cutting and flame-cutting equipment to speed up production

Fast shipping

The warehouse has stocks of common parts, so we always make sure to deliver on time.

Fast installation

There is no need to lay the foundation, and the equipment is directly installed on the track.

Top Quality

Have a professional team inspect each part before leaving the factory.

What do we provide?

Four types of chain bucket unloader could meet the requirements of every customer.


Combined Type

rotary type

Rotary Type

mobile type

Mobile Type

fixed type

Fixed Type

What Our Clients Say

Please take a look at the real testimonials of our customers.

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Newtech has greatly helped us improve work efficiency and save labor costs. We have bought more than 15 sets from them. The professional technical team and detailed technical solutions meet our working conditions and also meet environmental protection requirements. The sales staff are also very professional, and I feel relieved and happy to work with them.
Erlu Chaste
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Newtech has helped us with many issues and I have to say their engineers are so experienced and always put themselves in my shoes to help me save money in the most appropriate way, I can't think of any reason not to work with them if you're looking for a train unloading machine. And will recommend to other plants who need to use this machine.
Amanda K.
Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd
chain bukcet
Let's Save Your Cost Together!

Questions & Answers

Several common questions can quickly help you answer your questions.

Is a type of continuous unloading machinery for the bulk material, which can utilize a chain bucket to dig out materials from the train wagon and use belt-type conveyors to covey it outside the machine.

The cost of each machine is different, but it is probably between 461,540USD and 769,230USD, much cheaper than a regular wagon tippler.

Yes, usually our customers will buy two sets, one from the head of the train and one from the rear of the train.


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We have professional engineers who have been engaged in chain bucket unloaders for more than 20 years to customize technical solutions based on the on-site use conditions.

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