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Mobile Chain Bucket Unloader

The gear runs across the railroad line, and the wagon doesn’t proceed.  The materials could be hauled on the belt conveyor and directly transported to the manufacturing line via the conveyor.  After the production line is excessive, it may be stacked in the storage space on either side of the railway line. It’s suitable for events where there’s a storage warehouse or yard near the railway line.  The equipment is also equipped with a dust collector that can meet ordinary dust elimination demands. Typically, the center distance of the course of this series bucket unloader is more than 5.6 meters.  There are two strategies to conduct electricity: cable reel or safety trolley line.

(The Machine is adjustable according to the client’s proposed conditions.)

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The Mobile Chain Bucket Unloader is an overhead unloader using a distinctive chain bucket unloader apparatus for its unloading of particle mass substances from the rail. The substances could be dirt, gypsum, shale, iron ore, etc. The Mobile Chain-type bucket unloader is composed of these parts: Chain lifting mechanism, lifting mechanism, Traveling mechanism, Belt-type conveyor system, Dust removing device, Electric control system, Driver’s room with air conditioning, etc.

The dust removal device is set up above the belt conveyor, making this system eco-friendly.  Thus, industries are moving out of excavator and dust remover systems too quickly and environment-friendly.

The bulk material handling equipment may be material conveying equipment that serves in the industry of mining, coal, petrochemicals, steel plants, power plants, cement, metallurgy, etc.

Performance and Characteristics:

The digging capability can attain 500t/h, and it may unload one wagon within 6 minutes. The upper and lower double girder arrangement is embraced; along with the bucket system is mobile, which may operate on multiple transportation lines. The mobile chain bucket mechanism is a T-shaped bucket that may unload the substance from forward and reverse directions. The traveling reducer gets the qualities of small size, large output torque, and long battery life.

The driving mode is adopted, which is composed of three in one reducer, wheel device, etc. Adopt frequency conversion speed regulation system, four-speed speed regulation, to ensure stable braking and accurate stop position.

Two groups control the driving. When one group fails, the other group can still work normally. The wheels are forged 65Mn or 60 (CL60) rolled with double rims, and the wheel tread and the inside of the rim are quenched with sorbate. The wheel-bearing box is of an annular-bearing box structure.

The blanking apparatus of the belt conveyor adopts sealed tubing to reduce dust during the belt blanking procedure. It is equipped with an overload limiter, lifting height limiter, trolley buffer, running stroke limiter safety guard, etc., with exceptional safety performance.


Environmental Security, Steady Performance, reliability, High capacity, Reduced failure rate, and Smart remote Working system, May unload an Assortment of Substances.

Another benefit would be Environmental Protection in that the substances could be hauled in sealing illness during the performance of this mobile series bucket unloader; that might not cause flying dust.  Also, the mobile chain bucket unloader does not have any regular accelerating and decelerating, beginning, and climbing, whose electricity consumption is decreased by 30 percent.

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