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Is a type of continuous unloading machinery for the bulk material, which can utilize a chain bucket to dig out materials from the train wagon and use belt-type conveyors to covey it outside the machine.

No, the unloader is equipped with electrical protection. When the chain bucket reclaiming mechanism exceeds the set position, the limit switch will work, and the reel will be powered off and stop descending. In addition, there is a scraper device in the reclaiming mechanism that will first contact the floor of the carriage, and the chain bucket will not scrape the floor of the carriage.

In the rainy season, the raw coal will increase the moisture content and cause the coal chips to stick to the hopper, which will affect the reclaiming efficiency. However, the unloading efficiency has a certain margin in the finishing design, which will not affect the entire process of unloading coal.

The unloading machine is equipped with a dust collector, and the reclaiming mechanism and the conveyor adopt a sealed dust cover.


The unloader is equipped with a head bump device and a limiter.
When two unloading machines unload coal on one carriage, it is not that the two unloading machines work together. It should be that the two unloaders are divided into half of the carriages for operations, and they can be divided into two parts to go from the middle to the two sides, or from both sides to the middle.

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