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Fixed Chain Bucket Unloader

The equipment is fixed relative to the railroad line, so the wagon is pulled from the shunting winch. The loaded substances may move into the floor belt conveyor on both sides and either side of the railroad line. It is acceptable for setups where there is not any stacking site on each side of the railroad line, and there is not any running track set up on each side of the railroad line, or in which multiple railroad lines are parallel as well as also the running track cannot be arranged between the railroad lines.

(The Machine is adjustable according to the client’s purposed conditions.)

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The fixed Chain bucket unloader is a sort of material unloading machine for bulk substances that could use a fixed chain bucket to excavate substances in the Train, subsequently, use the on-board system to release these mass materials into the destination. The adjusted chain-type unloader consists of these components: Chain lifting mechanism, Rotation mechanism, Belt-type conveyor system, Dust removing device, Electric control system, and Driver’s room with air conditioning, etc.

Shunting Winch

How it works?

The steel wire rope is wound four times on the friction wheel of the main engine, and then passes through the guide wheel, pressure roller, and pulley, and is fixed at both ends. The supporting roller is placed under the steel wire rope as a foil, and the weight is used to tension the pulley through the bracket wheel, so that the steel wire rope always has a certain tension, ensuring that the steel wire rope generates enough friction on the touch wheel to pull the entire train. The whole working process is as follows: the motor is started, the reducer is driven, the friction wheel is driven, and the steel wire rope is moved by friction.

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