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Combined Chain Bucket Unloader

Combined Chain Bucket Unloader follows the same working principle as the Chain bucket unloader with additional modification: loaded material arranged in a pattern in the large storage yard for unloading. Combined Chain Bucket Unloader can be used in Cement Plants for unloading limestone or cement, in the coal mine for unloading coal. The unloader can be installed for unloading phosphate, ore, sand, raw sugar, and other materials. The maximum Product efficiency of unloading material in cubic meters can reach up to 500 m³/h.

(The Machine is adjustable according to the client’s purposed conditions.)

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The combined Chain Bucket Unloader is a type of continuous unloading or loading machinery for the bulk material, which can utilize a chain bucket to dig out materials from the train wagon and use belt-type conveyors to covey it outside the machine. It is a Stable operation: The main reason lies in the continuous working mode.

The Combine chain bucket unloader is consists of the subsequent parts: Chain lifting mechanism, Rotation mechanism, Traveling mechanism, Belt-type conveyor system, Dust removing device, Electric control system, and Driver’s room with air conditioning, etc. When the machine lifts the material from the railway carriage to the belt conveyor, which transports it to the end of the unloader. The material enters the ground belt conveyor evenly and slowly through the funnel to transport it to the destination.

The Chain in Combined chain Bucket Unloader is used to remove large quantities of material like iron, stone, limestone, grains, coal, or rock salt from a cargo train. This equipment has two main features: loading and unloading, which differentiate it from other chain bucket loaders. Additionally, its horizontal movement makes it possible for the equipment to unload train wagons on several railway lines. The machine can unload large quantities of material like iron, stone, limestone, grains, coal, or rock salt in any position in the yard. The maximum Product efficiency of unloading material in cubic meter can reach up to 500 m³/h. The Combined Chain Bucket Unloader uses a conveying system for the transmission of material. The dust removal device is installed above the belt conveyor making this machine eco-friendly. Thus, industries are moving from excavator and dust remover machine to fast and environment-friendly device: Combined Chain Bucket Unloader. The power consumption of this product varies either 140KW or 220KW with the size of the equipment. The height, length, and width of the equipment and the length of the conveyor belt in the machine is adjustable depending upon the size of its installation site. This machine has made the unloading and loading method cost-effective and time-efficient as compare to the conventional methods. Consequently, this machine has become the necessity of the large production industries.

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