How to deal with the remaining materials of the train wagons?

In today’s train bulk material unloading process, the problem of residual material in the wagon has always troubled various enterprises. Regardless of using wagon tipplers, wagon unloaders, excavators, or other automated equipment, there will always be some remaining material in the wagon. At present, most companies still use manual labor to clean the remaining materials […]

What is the wagon cleaner?

At present, train bulk material unloading mainly uses equipment such as wagon tipplers, wagon unloaders, and excavators. However, no matter what equipment is used, the bulk materials in the wagon cannot be unloaded cleanly. There will still be some residual material, and finally, it still needs to be cleaned manually again. To solve this problem, […]

What equipment is used to unload bulk materials from trains?

In the field of bulk material handling, especially in the field of train unloading, special unloading equipment is indispensable. These machines are designed to be efficient and simple to install, operate, and maintain while keeping costs low. What equipment is commonly used for unloading bulk materials on trains? Mainly include wagon tipplers, train unloaders, excavators, […]

How to shorten train unloading time of bulk materials?

In today’s fast-paced industrial world, time is more than just a resource it’s the backbone of efficiency. As a professional manufacturer of train unloading technology, NEWTECH has spent nearly two decades perfecting the art of efficient unloading. And here’s the crux of it: reducing train unloading time isn’t just a wish; it’s a necessity for thriving industries. […]

How to unload materials from the train?

Introduction Wagon unloading is one of the important and quickest processes to have happened in material rail transit. Manual unloading from wagons is a highly time-consuming technique and requires enormous manpower. In earlier days, manual unloading was the only option. But in course of time, new mechanical technologies were developed for bulk material unloading. Excavators, […]

What is the Chain Bucket Unloader?

The Chain Bucket Unloader is a Most Simple and Most Reliable process of Moving Bulk Material from one place to another place or storage yard, which could utilize a chain bucket to excavate substances from the cabin use the onboard conveying system to release these mass substances to the Storage Yard. In other words: The […]

What is the wagon tippler?

Goods movement is the pulse of modern trade and economics. The development of a state is dependent on the speed of goods movement in its boundary. Since the dawn of industrialization, wagon goods have been the backbone of the long-distance and bulk goods movement. The process of bulk goods movement may seem easy at first […]