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Wagon cleaner

  • Type of cleaning materials: iron powder, pellets, coal, burnt ore, and other bulk materials, the particle size of the material to be cleaned is ≤180mm.
  • Cleaning scope: common gondolas
  • Cleaning capacity: 300 wagons cleaned per day
  • Cleaning efficiency: 3 minutes per carriage, remaining coal is less than 10Kg
  • Total system power: about 210KW
  • Equipment lifting speed: 0.5-5m/min
  • Equipment walking speed: 1.8-18m/min
  • Can work continuously for 24 hours

Additional information

Product Details

The wagon cleaning machine is a device used to automatically collect the remaining materials in the wagon during the unloading process of train bulk materials. It can clean the residual materials without opening the wagon door, and the whole process can be closed, safe, and environmentally friendly. In principle, intelligent wagon cleaning machines can be used as long as there are trains unloading bulk materials (metallurgy, thermal power generation, cement plants, coking, coal preparation, coal chemical industry, ports, coal logistics, and bulk cargo storage bases, etc.). It is mainly used with automated equipment such as wagon tipplers, wagon unloaders, and excavators.

Performance characteristics

  • Intelligent unmanned operation: self-recognition of wagon position, autonomous smooth motion control, and self-storage of cleaning results.
  • Cleaning the wagon without dead corners: 4 column brushes and 6 disc brushes fully contact and clean every corner of the wagon.
  • Multi-vehicle linkage: equipment interlocking and linkage strategy algorithm, multiple pieces of equipment can clean multiple wagons at the same time.
  • Safer operation: job interlocking software, multiple emergency stop configurations, and no dead-end monitoring.
  • More efficient operation: cleaning a wagon only takes 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Automatic identification of foreign objects in the wagon: Al recognition engine, autonomous identification of foreign objects in the wagon, real-time stop of equipment operation, and alarm
  • More worry-free use: Gradient cross-section suction port design makes suction smoother, and the self-cleaning design of the pipeline does not block materials.
For more information please check: https://cnnewmachine.com/what-is-the-wagon-cleaner/

What is the wagon cleaner?


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